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Minecraft UWP for Oculus Rift menus in walls



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      If this is already being discussed somewhere, somebody please let me know because I would love a solution.

      I noticed this issue after a recent update, when playing Minecraft Bedrock (Windows 10 edition) using Minecraft UWP and my Oculus Rift S, any time I open a menu while in game, parts of it are in any walls that are near by. If you don't have enough room to back up, so the menu isn't in the walls, the only way to see the whole menu is to back out to room mode, where you're basically sitting in a virtual living room playing Minecraft on a flat surface.

      It would be great if this feature could be removed, or if we had the option in VR settings in game to disable it. I miss the way they were before, where the menu was an overlay in front of the 3D environment, because you could see the whole menu.

      Also it is fair to say that the transition from VR to living room mode can be quite nauseating, and downright inconvenient. PLEASE HELP! UWP is what got me playing this game in the first place and I haven't found any information on how to fix this anywhere.


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