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      I bought a new realm, and ever since I've been having non stop issues, My internet is fine as I'm able to play WoW/Fortnight/Paladins/Runescape/LoL/Left 4 Dead Etc, with no issues. So I'm assuming its a problem on your end, I am constantly being disconnected from my realm along with my friends of whom I play with. I am also unable to use the backup feature because when I do this I lose all progress and it resets the world completely.  I also had a issue when I first made the realm regarding it constantly resetting back to the start after 30 mins automatically, this issue has stopped but the ongoing issue is, I'm unable to Reset/Replace/Download the realm. I've never had this problem before using the realm service and was wondering why this is happening, as I've tried many of the following things to fix it, resetting my Xbox/pc/mobile, resetting my internet, and the game. I thought it was just a Xbox problem, but I recently logged onto my computer and the same thing was happening. Please could you help me with this? Is My Realm bugged? If so please fix it. If not ill be asking for a full refund as I'm unable to enjoy since I've had the realm because I'm unable to play it.


      Kind regards, Jordan (Volvict)


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