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Logitech G-hub (3rd Party Audio Drivers)



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      On Minecraft windows 10 edition using Logitech G Hub software for the Logitech headsets causes an audio error within the game. I am using the Logitech 430 USB headset. When the software is on the surround sound feature causes the game to mute your footsteps and other sounds. It appears to be a directional audio error with the game. If my character runs sideways I can hear it through my left speaker on my headset. If I run straight I hear cuts or bits of the foot steps that sounds like glitched audio. This also includes mining blocks, you cannot hear them being mined, if mined directly in front you. Ive also had issues hearing mobs and or water sounds when mining. You also can not hear your character eating when consuming food.  If I disable my Logitech drivers and use standard Realtek drivers it fixes the problem (which requires a PC restart everytime). Hopefully you guys can reach out to Logitech to assist you in addressing this issue. However, based on what ive seen online Ive also heard that other 3rd party surround sound applications have had the same issue. 


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