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Pressing Esc key doesn't close chat right away



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      Regression of MCPE-14373

      Original description

      In Minecraft Windows 10 Edition pressing the Esc key on my keyboard doesn't close the chat. I have to press Esc twice to close it. The chat should just close when I press Esc once. This creates a problem when chatting, then something sneaks up on you and closing chat isn't so responsive.

      Steps to reproduce

      • Type T to open chat.
      • Type something.
      • Press Esc because you want the chat to close.
        Since chat didn't close the first time, you have to press Esc again!

      Additional notes

      Currently, pressing escape the first time merely "unfocuses" the chat box. This is not a meaningful action because (a) the chat box is the only interactive field on screen, and (b) you can still type even after unfocusing it. Therefore, unfocusing it accomplishes nothing and pressing escape should close the menu the first time.
      In general, the only action to take after unfocusing a field is focusing another one, which you could have done in the first place without unfocusing. Esc probably should not be bound to the unfocus action to prevent issues like this.


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