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Observer stores powered_bit state when broken


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    • Beta, 1.18.10
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      Relates to MCPE-105540 and MCPE-46470.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Download and install the mcpack attached. (obtained from http://bedrocktweaks.net/resource-packs/)
      2. Face two observers into each other so that they continually pulse.
      3. Make sure no other observers are in your inventory.
      4. Break one of the observers at the exact same time it becomes powered (the redstone bits light up). This may take a few tries.

      Observed results

      The observer obtained is powered.
      Using a tool such as MCCToolChest will show that the powered_bit block state is 1.

      Expected results

      The observer remains unpowered when broken - the powered_bit state is 0.


      Stacking powered observers together will keep them powered, while stacking powered observers and non-powered observers will cause them to revert to the unpowered state. Powered observers that are placed revert to the unpowered state.

      Normally this is not an issue because the observer model does not change when powered other than the output face, which is hidden from view.

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