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      I can't access the Marketplace anymore. I used to be able to about a week ago, didn't change anything, then suddenly two days ago when trying to access the marketplace it would just show the gray loading bars forever then says "Can't access the marketplace, maybe try something 'blah blah' internet" I cant remember. But I contacted Nintendo, and we tried EVERYTHING. Deleting the game, checking for corrupted data, signing in and out of my microsoft account. Reseting my router (even though my roommate who also has a switch and minecraft can access it fine through out internet.) You name it. Still can't load the marketplace. However, I can still join realms servers, and play on worlds fine. Just no marketplace. I do also notice the game crashes somtimes with the error code 2306-0332 stating something with my wifi is wrong, however again my roommate has a switch as well with minecraft and no issues. Also, the game is a tad slow when playing on realms sometimes. Once in awhile I get loading screens for a long time when trying to open a chest or open my setting etc. anything really. However, other online games on my switch run fine. I don't know what to do, I'm happy I can still play the game normally but would like to be able to access the marketplace from my switch. I feel like there is nothing left for me to do ;(

            Sugar Pink Austin Gripentrog
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