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Weapons of other mobs enchanted with the "/ enchant" command do not work properly.


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      When you use the "/ enchant" command to enchant a mob's weapon (in this case, a skeleton), the command will work but have no effect when the mob uses the weapon. Also, when killing the mob, its weapon will have the corresponding enchantment.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • Summon or spawn a skeleton capable of collecting items (so that when it dies it drops the weapon).
      • Remove the default weapon from his hand with the command "/replaceitem".
      • Drop him a new unenchanted weapon (so that he will be able to drop it upon death).
      • Use the "/ enchant" command to enchant the weapon. (1)
      • Change your gameplay to survival. (2)
      • Kill the mob. (3)

      Observed Results:

      (1) The chat will show the message that the command was executed successfully, but the weapon will not show the glow that signals that it is enchanted.

      (2) The weapon carried by the mob (skeleton in this case) will not have the effect that it would have when enchanted (in this case, arrows are not fired in flames).

      (3) The mob will drop the already enchanted weapon even though, when held in hand, it did not look or function as an enchanted weapon.

      Expected Results:

      (1) The weapon should be shown glowing when enchanted.

      (2) The weapon should have the effect corresponding to the enchantment applied (in this case, the arrows should be on fire).

      (3) The mob must drop the enchanted weapon (which it already does and is fine).

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