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      Hello Mojang!

      Recently I restarted a realm I have active and got to the point of starting a raid in a village. In the 3rd wave, I couldn't for the life of me find the last witch that had spawned. I knew it was a witch because it could be heard. After about 20 minutes of hopeless searching, I copied the world, changed myself to creative to find out where this particular witch had spawned, after another 20 minutes of mining out chunks of earth and using the fill command to replace whole chunks with air, I finally found said witch... about 30 blocks below the lowest blocks of any villager tech I could find. A witch for a raid on a village on the surface spawned halfway into the earth, I dont think this is a very good thing to be happening as it can cause quite a lot of frustration and unneccesary mining and searching all because of the spawning mechanics



            NeoLux13 Aaron Jones
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