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Dead coral fans break when placed on top of a transparent block


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    • Preview, 1.19.50
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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Place a transparent block (e.g glass)
      2. Increase the random tick speed
      3. Place a coral fan on the transparent block

      Observed Results:
      The coral fan breaks.

      Expected Results:
      The coral fan should not break.

      Minecraft 2020-12-22 15-55-15.mp4

      Original Description:
      For starters, coral fans die when placed on water logged blocks. Annoying, but I can fix it with a texture change. Unfortunately, dead coral fans break randomly if they have been placed on a transparent block. It's not instant, they just sit there for a random amount of time and then suddenly break. I tested this bug by raising random tick speed up to 1000. At that speed, dead coral fans placed on transparent blocks break instantly whilst dead coral fans placed on solid blocks remain indefinitely. Can't see any reason for this bug to exist.

            Sea Stilton Harvey Wilkinson
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