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Boat doesn't travel for people on LAN.


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    • 0.14.0 Beta 1
    • 0.12.3, 0.13.0 Beta 1, 0.13.0 Beta 2, 0.13.0 Beta 3, 0.13.0 Beta 4, 0.13.0 Beta 5, 0.13.0
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      Note 5

      When I was playing in LAN and wanted to use a boat with another player, this is what happened:

      1. Host entered the boat and controls the boat all fine for client
      2. Client enters the boat, all fine there,
      3. When host moves the boat, the client begins teleporting back and forth and glitches out the boat so it looks like the host is going crazy!
      4. When client leaves the glitch boat, the host is still glitching everywhere until the host leaves the boat and then the glitching stops.

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