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Campfire Smoke Is Shown Through Dropped Items In RTX



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      When you place a campfire, the smoke particles from the campfire have a bug where it is visible through dropped items.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. (If in survival) Find a Village in the Spruce biome. (Note: It must not be an abandoned village)
      2. (If in creative) Open your inventory and search for Campfire in the Search Tab and then place it down.
      3. Then walk a small distance away from the campfire (Not too far or the particles from the campfire will stop spawning) and place a block in front of the Campfire. (This is to act as a stand to put the items on, but it isn't required)
      4. Drop any item on the block. (Recommended that you use full blocks like Dirt, Grass, Stone, etc.)
      5. Angle your player to have the dropped items you've placed on the block to be between you and the campfire.
      6. Turn on Ray Tracing

      Observed Results:
      You can still see the smoke even though there is an item entity in front of it.

      Expected Results:
      Smoke shouldn't be visible behind the dropped items.

      Screenshots/Videos attached: Screenshot of the Campfire's smoke has been provided for assistance.

      Notes: This is only occurring when Ray Tracing is enabled in the game, you will not see this bug if you do not have a device capable of Ray Tracing or turn Ray Tracing off.




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