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When starting, screen flashes black, red, then remains on black until forced closed.



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      – Edited Description –

      When starting Minecraft the red Mojang logo screen will show, then the screen will flash to black, red, and black, remaining on the black screen until forced closed. Windows detects that the application hanged.

      Review of the logs shows that version 1.16.200 is being used (non beta).

      – Original Description –

      First off not sure what version this actually started on

      I was on beta prior to 1.16 update to check out new features, I thought I left the beta update when 1.16 released, because when I went to leave the beta to play with friends, it shown the join beta button,  instead of leave beta option. 

      Ok, cool I forgot I left, or there was an issue with insiders hub.

      It was fine till the previous update before 11/14/2020 (or when the new beta became available)

      I hopped on to play with friends, and the game loaded just fine with no issues, but it was in beta, so I go to insiders hub to leave beta, and the button just says join, not sure how I was in a beta release when I was no longer enrolled in the beta program.

      I then joined, waited to choose leave beta, waited for confirmation, uninstalled Minecraft, loaded the store up redownloaded the game, checked to make sure I wasn't in beta again, booted game up, the Mojang logo ran its visuals then black screened, I left it up for about 45 mins when it crashed and closed the window, with no error code, not sure if there is a log I can find.

      I spent time reading up on others issues, I have tried steps that have been mentioned on another bug report, and a list of things to try that Spud mentioned, I have done everything I can to try to fix this issue, I posted in reddit a week ago (with less detail as I've been spending time this week thinking about what I did to get to my issue).

      After several processes of uninstall/install, and several other steps the only change is a flicker of the red Mojang load screen then crash and closes window

      I'm including screenshots of something odd in the windows store (maybe I'm missing something that's different between the two), and my original screenshot of the first time i had this issue.

      If anyone at all has any other methods to try I'm all ears.

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