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Villagers zoom around and/or disappear at random


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      I have a group of villagers on my compound: 4 farmers, 4 armorers/tool smiths, 7 or 8 librarians, 2 clerics, 1 shepherd, 2 butchers, and a separate compound for at least 15-20 stone masons. At night, when they go to sleep, some of them will remain in their beds, but some of them will literally zoom through blocks (still lying horizontal as if in bed) away from their chosen bed. This has been happening since the recent bug fixes took effect. I first realized it when I found a random villager lying horizontally outside of the village wall I'd constructed, and right clicking on him elicited no reaction. 

      When I was playing today, I went to my farmers to trade some eggs, but they had disappeared except one (who doesn't trade eggs). When I went back later, 2 out of 3 egg-trading farmers had reappeared. 

      When I first came across this problem, I believed that the villagers had disappeared for good, so I went back to an earlier save file (I lost some work I'd done mining for ancient debris in the nether) and named all of the villagers I wanted to protect. But even nametagging them didn't help resolve this issue. The actually village near my compound is having the same issue. Do you think you could help me, please? 

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