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Game refuses to connect to Microsoft account



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      Okay so I have NO IDEA which "project" I'm supposed to pick but I have minecraft on my nx (nintendo) and it absolutely will NOT allow me to log into my microsoft account. I've tried for MONTHS. I have to SEARCH for the website because it's a pain in the rear to find and typing it out, not only is a pain, but just circles back to the search engine. Once I finally get on and follow the instructions on the page, I type in the code, it says I'm "successfully logged into minecraft" and that I can "safely close the window" but then on my nx it just circles back and gives me ANOTHER code and refuses, absolutely REFUSES to let me log in. I wouldn't care, except I can't customise my player character and it either shows NONE available to select or it only allows the tall ugly one. (Seriously it's creepy.) I didn't spend all that money to buy the game just to be told I can't play it. It's getting pretty boring pretty fast when I can't customise my character and I can't get achievements. I had to create an account on THIS site just to try and file this bug report. I see people with all these beautiful screenshots from the game but I can't even get close to enjoying it like that because I can't log in. It's obviously not a microsoft issue, my inbox has like at least 50 emails saying my account has been connected to the game, but the game just keeps telling me to "log in" no matter how many times I do it. How in the absolute world am I supposed to log in!? I'm getting fed up and I'm BARELY holding my tongue here. I thought the update the game just did might fix it but nooooooo nope of course not. Just the same old "enter this code! oh here, this is a different code even though you just logged in do it again with this one too! and again! and AGAIN!" Like jeez why don't you whip me to death with codes. Yeah, I'm annoyed. I just want to log. In. Oh. And your site is a dumb... Dumb. UGH. Because the game JUST updated and it says the version is v1.16.101 on my screen but that's like not an option and your stupid thingie above this box is REFUSING to allow it. So. I have no idea how your bug reports work and I doubt you're gonna care or even try to fix the issue. I feel like I wasted money on this stupid game. Thanks for stealing from me.




            Ailu Alexi Lucetti
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