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Moto g 3rd gen and samsung galaxy s3 HUGE BUG ANNOYING AS HECK PLS FIX!



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      Phone - Android - Motorola Moto G


      First of all. my mom has a samsung galaxy s3 and i have a moto g 3rd gen. a android 4 phone cant join a android 5 phone in mcpe. it only let me join in my moms world not mine. its very annoying and glitchy, secend of all when in a furnace interface it will flash from grey to green alot very annoying! this is on the moto g 3rd gen and samsung galaxy s3, and again the not being able to join my world thing is annoying! and local server multiplayer is on for both devices! it lets me join my moms android 4.4.2 world but my mom cant join my android 5.1.1 world please fix its super annoying! and its horrible. and the flashing on the furnace can cause a sezure! i hope you devs do read these bugs and care about this and fix them. i really do. we are both running mc 0.12.1 and this version is even more glitchy then the alpha builds i dont know why but it just is. please fix the bugs. a samsung galaxy s3 cant join a moto g 3rd gens minecraft world. but a moto g 3rd gen phone can join a samsung galaxy s3's world. please fix. and the furnace flashing. and everything. thank you for reading. ive tryed reinstalling it. and restarting phones. and everything. thank you.




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