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Villagers get pushed when sleeping, making them fly through walls and suffocate


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      In my village setup, all of the villager beds are right next to each other in a line, and the villagers get stuck when trying to get to their beds walking over the other villagers. Recently, the villagers began to push the sleeping villagers while trying to get to their beds, and they just get sent off flying through the walls into solid blocks never to be seen again, supposedly dead. When this happens, the sleeping villager's skin goes black like when suffocating, they remain in the sleeping position and they just shoot out in a random direction through the walls. The remaining villagers don't seem to notice that they are dying since they won't breed despite the open beds. The area where they sleep is underground so even if they don't die, I can't find them again. It is very weird and inconvenient because my villagers will all eventually die off while the live ones won't breed.

            Eowyn~0f~Rohan Eowyn Dernhelm
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