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Villagers flying off when going to sleep


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      When villagers go to bed, two villagers in bed beside each other rwill take off flying in each direction, even passing through solid blocks.

      To reproduce: Make a bed. Make a composter. Spawn in 1 villager. Change to nighttime. Observe villager claim bed and go to sleep. Make another bed, make another composter, spawn in another villager.

      Expected result: Other villager claims other bed and lies down sleeping.

      Observed result: Other villager claims other bed and lies down sleeping, both villagers go flying in each direction. Flying villagers ignore (pass through) solid blocks.

      Note: Villager kids do not seem affected by this.

      Note: At one time, one of the flying villagers bounced back and returned to his bed, only to stop a short distance before the bed and then went away again. Could not reproduce this.

      Attached files show villagers flying, shortly after going to sleep. Third picture shows a villager kid sleeping in bed shortly after two adult villagers (not visible in picture) took off.

            johanvepa Johan Vestergaard Paulsen
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