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      There are holes in my world, at first there was only one, and i ignored it since it didnt bother anyone, then like two months later a second hole appeared, and it was massive it destroyed a project i was working on and reversed the work of it too, the project i did was me mining underground to build a city under there, and the whole appeared right on it amd further on, i got out and looked around and my gf(girlfriend) told me another whole was on her house and it took her farm animals with it, i went to check the first hole that has ever appeared on the World and it was gone, but there was a third hole in between the first hole and the hole that was at mgly gf's house, i kept looking around to see if there was any other holes, then it showe that "wolf has fallen out of the world" and "horse has fallen out of the world" our pets fell out of the world, i then found a fourth hole close to the massive hole that destroyed my project, these holes are devastating my world and the territory's of my close ones too.


      FYI: it isnt letting me insert images i kept adding new ones but it wont allow me, email me and i will send evidence of my world and the holes. Pls help us out we want to enjoy minecraft without losing our valuables. Thank you  


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