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I Can't Enter Minecraft Store And Can't Access Servers Also


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      Hello, I'm a Minecraft user and I've been getting errors frequently these days. Here are my problems with Minecraft; I cannot connect to the Minecraft store and it says "We cannot connect to the market, can you check your internet connection" but my internet is stable and in place, other programs did not give such errors and I wanted to buy Minecoin for Minecraft when it gave the same error, by the way I do not have the Windows 10 version of Minecraft and it is ordinary I am using a Wi-Fi internet. Another problem is that when I want to connect to the servers, the server does not show any servers on the site and the "Very Soon" text appears and I cannot join the servers. Another problem is that at first my problems were with my iPad device i0S 14.1 and iOS 14.2, but I also noticed that these problems were with my Xbox One console. Moreover, to overcome all these problems, I deleted and installed Minecraft, turned off and on my Wi-Fi internet, logged in and out of my Microsoft account, updated Minecraft and my device to the latest versions and formatted my iPad device. Finally I deleted all my mods, add-on packs and character in Minecraft. Nothing worked, this time I turned on my Xbox One console and thought "These problems might not be on this device", but the same problems were on my Xbox One. Please help for this problem, I've looked through many articles and articles, even help posts, Microsoft and Mojang support pages but nothing worked. I even posted my problems on Youtube but none of them passed. Please help me.

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