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My villagers are being kidnapped by aliens!!!!



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      Downloaded the newest patch the other day and now my villagers are flying away every night when they go to sleep.  It is kind of funny to watch, they literally zip through walls and fly off into the night on the level they are sleeping at.  They also sometimes miss the beds and lay on the floor and I have found several of them floating in the air outside of their homes.  They all eventually come back in the morning but most of them are invisible unless I leave the village and come back in.  They cannot be woken up once they go to sleep either, which might be for the best, I hear you are not supposed to wake up someone who is sleep walking.

      I have several screenshot but they are still on my switch, I can upload them if necessary.

      If you are going to add alien kidnappings to the game, a move which I wholeheartedly approve of, you should at really give us a way to tie our villagers to their beds or something.  Either that or fix the bug, I'm good with whichever.




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