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Villager bed sleeping displacement


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      After the new update, I immediately noticed that when villagers are sleeping, they are sometimes seen somewhere else and not at their bed. You can't seem to interact with their glitched bodies laying outside of their bed, and nor do they suffocate if they are glitched within blocks. When they wake up, they spawn back at their bed and not where their glitched bodies were which is reassuring. Otherwise, this bug doesn't seem to be too big of a deal, but it is pretty weird.


      UPDATE 1: Entities can push the "bodies" of villagers off their beds when they sleep and their hitbox gets pushed along with their body. You can interact with and hurt villagers who have their bodies displaced from their bed which is very weird. You could push their bodies around and they don't seem to suffocate in walls while they're still sleeping. Once you damage a villager who has clearly been displaced from their bed, the villager immediately zooms back to their bed and is now awake.

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