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Villagers sometimes invisible while sleeping, also flying out of their beds randomly. Prices also raised randomly.



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      Right after the update, sometimes, when my Villagers in my realm sleep, they also sometimes turn invisible and reappear when they wake or when the game is reloaded.

      After trying to recreate this for snapshots, one of the villagers decided to sleep on the floor. I pushed him and he sank into the ground. The other one on the bed flew through the wall when I stood on him and clipped outside his house. Pretty hilarious bug.

      I'm also having a bit of an issue with pricing. Ever since updating, the prices on my villagers have been strangely high. They were cured from zombie villagers and I haven't traded with them often, and I don't think my friends traded with them often or punched them, but the prices for them all have gone up as if they forgot they were cured. Might not be a bug, but I'm unsure so I'm noting that too. Then my farmer villager randomly disappeared for the first time in AGES and is presumed dead,, so my villagers replaced him with a baby.




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