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      These ongoing bugs are so bad I left beta 2 months ago because the game is unplayable. These bugs have now been updated to the regular gameplay, villager mobs teleport away when they go to sleep, animal mobs glitching horribly, gameplay glitches every half hour, I reset my game every half hour just to play it. Mobs freezing, turning invisible and attacking, again, reset game constantly to clear glitches. 

      Problems. Villagers teleport away at night. Animal mobs glitching in all directions. Game lags out every 1/2 hour or so, requires reset to continue playing. Mobs freeze, then invisibly attack, requires reset to clear. AI shutdown, mobs just spin in one spot.

      How to repeat. Just play normal gameplay on updated version of Xbox1 bedrock and witness all the bugs.

      Expectations. Don't update the horribly buggy beta bugs to the normal game. Fix the bugs beforehand. Just fix these reported bugs! I don't think anyone actually reads these, some of these beta bugs are ongoing for months and now have been updated to the regular game. Very poor.

      Date. November 17/2020.

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