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      So today, after the 1.16.100 update, I've noticed a huge glitch.

      I was playing by myself and was walking through a village at sunset, when suddenly a villager, while laying down, started FLYING forward, nonstop. I don't know how this happened, but it would happen almost every night. They would fly through the walls in a laying down position after going to bed, and I think that they might've eventually despawned, as later there were a bunch of new villagers wearing brown, with none of the working villagers in sight.

      Whenever they actually did stay put in their beds, it would always be in a weird angle or perpendicular to how it should be (as shown in the photos below). I had two beds in the house I was staying in, and although the villager should've only taken one, the other villagers couldn't sleep in the bed next to him (and I watched them try) so they would just stand in the doorway, watching him.

      I laughed quite hard at this but realized that bugs like these can hurt the game, so I decided to report these. I hope you can fix these soon (though the last one did give me a good laugh) and thank you for all of the work that you've already done on this awesome game!

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