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Cowpoke Hat Marketplace Item Lost Ability to be visually present with Turtle Helmet On.


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    • 1.16.220, 1.16.100, 1.16.201 Hotfix, 1.16.210, 1.16.221 Hotfix
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      Prior to the 1.16.100 Hotfix, I used to be able to wear the Cowpoke Hat Character Creator item with a Turtle Helmet, and have the Cowpoke Hat still visually show. As of the 1.16.100 Hotfix, this is no longer the case, as only the turtle helmet shows. The fact that I was able to have both the Cowpoke Hat and Turtle Helmet on and both be visually present at the same time for a nice hybrid hat was the incentive of me getting it.


      Mob Heads still have this effect applied where both the Mob Head and Cowpoke Hat will be present when a Mob Head is worn, which looks super sweet with a Wither Skeleton Skull Helmet on.


      I will provide a Screenshot and video footage (from a friend's Youtube Channel, don't mind the bugged out Chicken,https://youtu.be/7Q9yNn1HIkk?t=287 ) of what used to happen prior to 1.16.100 so people can see how neat the hybridized end result looked from recorded footage in 1.16.40 . I thought the idea of having such a huge hat was what used to happen and I hope this decision gets switched back to it's pre 1.16.100 result where both the Cowpoke Hat and Turtle Helmet show again simultaneously.


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Purchase the Cowpoke Hat from the Minecraft Marketplace for the Character Creator.
      2. Apply the Cowpoke Hat to a Custom Character in the Character Creator and save it to the said Custom Character.
      3. Make sure you have the Custom Skin with the Cowpoke Hat on as your active Character
      4. Load up a world (and obtain a Turtle Helmet if you do not have one), and put on a Turtle Helmet in the Top Armor Slot.

      Observed Results:

      Only the Turtle Helmet actively shows on the player's head, while the Cowpoke Hat disappears as of Hotfix 1.16.100.

      Expected Results:

      Both the Cowpoke Hat and the Turtle Shell appears on the player's head, as the idea of having a large Hat. Either this should happen as it did prior to Hotfix 1.16.100 (Last worked on Hotfix 1.16.40), or the Helmet should stay hidden with the Cowpoke Hat still present.

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