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Chain Command Blocks Not Functioning Properly With Need Redstine On



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.16.40 Hotfix
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      In Minecraft; chain command blocks with conditional on runs like this. A command block activates and if the command block runs the command successfully, then the chain command block will activate its command afterwards.


      As I was fiddling with my command blocks once more; I discovered a bug. My command blocks require redstone and the redstone is on. The command block that ran before the chain had ran successfully, but the chain command block did not run at all. 


      The chain command block did not run its command although the redstone is on. I realised when I had reset the machine(via redstone), the command ran as usual and continued running normally.


      In my experience of this issue; it is much easier to make a chain line of redstone and command blocks than to have a redstone chain command block lines/Having command block lines made set to "Always Active"


      Despite the issue, this disappears once I made all command blocks(only the chain command blocks) to be "Always Active".


      The redstone only activates the command block as the redstone is activated and no longer than that. If the command block before it ran successfully, the chain command block wil not detect it because it has already activated. 


      This was not an issue before. I remember once when command blocks first came out in Bedrock during the better together update. I used redstone to activate multiple chain command blocks. I am truly not sure if this is an intended change or a bug since I do not remember seeing any changes to chain command blocks in any update reports. I decided to send this as a bug report because of its sudden unreliableness.


      I hope anyone can reply with a descriptive reason or explaination to this issue. Thank you




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