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Unable to log in to Microsoft Account on Nintendo Switch



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      My daughter is unable to log in to her Microsoft Account on the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft.

      Booting up the game brings up the main menu, however servers are unavailable saying "You need to be logged in to a Microsoft account to use servers". Attempting to log into a Microsoft account brings up the prompt to go to aka.ms/remoteconnect and punch in a code.

      The code will initially provide a message saying that the process was successful, however it does not change the game state. Pressing 'B' on the Switch Joy-Con will close the Account Linking prompt but immediately pull up a new one with a new code. Any further attempt to link a Microsoft account to the Switch using a code provides an error message on the aka.ms website stating "That code didn't work. Check the code and try again."

      Attempting a solution found and flagged as 'successful' online, we deleted the save data of the user from the Switch and restarted Minecraft, which prompted the request to link a Microsoft account again, bringing us back to point one of saying it was successful, but not changing the game state of the Switch to recognize that a Microsoft account has been linked.




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