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Ps4 wont sign into my Microsoft account


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    • 1.16.61 (PS4)
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      I'm trying to play minecraft with my friends on playstation 4. In order to do so I have to sign into my Microsoft account thats linked with my playatation 4 account on the minecraft application on my playstation 4. When I do this, I either get a loading screen that says it logging into my Microsoft account; that continues forever , or it says there was an error in trying to access my Microsoft account. And with that I am stuck not playing online or cross-platform with friends from my playstation 4 console. Just looking for a fix. Microsoft and playstation it have nothing to do with their systems  that I should contact Mojang. I hope you can solve my problem and thank you for taking the time to read this. 

            Twistedcopycat Timothy Dumschott
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