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Transparent Blocks Disappear Before Opaque Ones


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      Custom Blocks that use alpha_test as a material instance will always 'un-render' before blocks that use opaque as the material instance.

      This is affected by render distance and is very annoying when creating blocks like leaves that don't render until you get close.

      Steps To Reproduce:

      1. Download the attached pack
      2. Use give command to obtain 'grunt:cherry_blossom_leaves'
      3. Turn render distance to lowest value
      4. Place the cherry blossom leaves next to regular leaves (or any vanilla block)
      5. The cherry blossom leaves will disappear before the render fog even gets close
      6. Change alpha_test in the material instances of cherry blossom leaves' behavior file to opaque
      7. The block will now render properly at distance but the texture will be incorrect

      Expected Results:

      • Transparent blocks render the same as opaque ones, or there's at least an option to change transparent textures to an opaque one depending on distance from the block like how vanilla leaves work.

      Actual Behavior:

      • Transparent blocks disappear from view much quicker than opaque ones

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