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Respawn back in End with no escape if place bed next to portal frame.



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      context: This happened after killing the Ender Dragon and then traveling through the End Portal back to the Overworld...then back to the End for Elytra.

      After attaining my loot- I headed back to my original spawn point in the End to head back to the Overworld- alas, was not to be.

      What actually happened:

      After entering the portal, I was immediately returned to the original End spawn platform (obsidian platform). I tried again, then again...then I tried from the North, South, East and West sides of the portal. Then I stowed all my gear into my Ender Chest and hurled myself into the void- several times, yet always spawned back in the End.

      I then took to the skies in search of a randomly generated End portal to see if that resolved the issue- it did not.

      I am now stuck in the End...sustaining on Chorus Fruit and Endermen Essence.

      Steps to Reproduce Edited

      1. Place bed next to the end portal in the Overworld
      2. Click on the bed to set respawn point
      3. Enter an End portal from the end
      4. Return to the overworld

      Observed Result
      Player is returned to the End immediately after respawn in Overworld

      Expected Result
      Player will respawn on a nearby "safe" block in the Overworld.


      No- seriously...I am stuck in the End and have no recourse...

      I also tried to reset my spawn point - which I could not do in this 'dimension'

      as well as tried the teleport function from the command prompt-


      Please advise as to a solution-


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