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1.16.50 - Can't connect two iPads on LAN


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      My boys play together on iPads and have always been able to connect to each others worlds and play over LAN. A couple of days ago, they lost the ability to connect to each others worlds.

      I have done the normal checks - they are both on 1.16.50, they are connected to the same WiFi and the worlds have Multiplayer and Lan visibility turned on. UPnP is enabled on the router. We have not made any changes to the router settings.

      We have restarted both iPads, restarted the router, reconnected WiFi and even reinstalled the Minecraft app.

      Additional details:

      • When logged OUT of XBox, they cannot see each others worlds at all.
      • When logged IN to XBox, they can see the worlds, but they get the "Unable to Connect to Word" error message.
      • Then can both connect to our Realm and play together in there.


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