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set_block block descriptor states cannot change custom properties


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    • 1.16.210
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      Add a custom boolean property and configure the block to replace itself with any block (itself or others) that have this same property and set this property via the states node in the block_type definition of an event.
      Expected Behavior:
      The property is updated the same as any other blockstate property.
      Actual Behavior:
      the following error is received on loading any world with this add-on installed:

      invalid state during block parsing. block name test:custom_block_1 state "test:testprop" state type 5

      and attempting to interact with the block crashes Minecraft.
      Steps to recreate:
      Install the attached add-on.
      Load a world with the behavior and resource packs applied and receive the above error.
      Give yourself the block using /give @s test:custom_block_1 and place it into the world.
      Right click interact with the custom block.
      Minecraft crashes.

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