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Trident not activated by piston retraction across Chunk Borders North and Eastward


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      Chunk Border related bug where tridents that get activated when a piston retracts across chunk borders. However, this only happens if the trident is east or north of the piston, with a chunk border in between. When the trident is South and West this mechanic works as intended. A simple flying machine like the one below flying eastward or northward would stop when it hits a chunk border. This bug makes slimestone that includes targets and tridents(or tristone) directional and makes no sense. This also hurts trident killers that operate across chunk borders because if the trident does not get activated, the trident deals no damage.


      Still a bug in the latest version
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Locate chunk border
      2. Place a piston one block away from the chunk border, pushing either northwards or eastwards
      3. Throw a trident on the piston head
      4. Power piston with a button

      Observed results:

      1. The trident does not fall. The reason why is because the trident is across a chunk border, which means that the piston does not activate the trident as it is normally supposed to do. You will see that the trident floats in mid air.

      Expected results:

      1. The trident should fall due to gravity as it is being updated by the piston retraction. If you have the pistons push southwards or westwards across chunk borders it works as intended

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