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      Villagers teleport away when they go to sleep.

      Conditions.  Iron farm. 32 villager enclosure with beds and work stations, when villagers go to bed, they teleport though their enclosure and float off into the horizon in a sleeping position. This was a mix of horror, fascination and funny AF.

      Some villagers would zip off into the horizon in a flash, some would float about for a couple seconds and disappear, I did manage to screen capture this happening but the caption only shows a small unidentified object in the horizon. 

      Test method.  Observation over 3 nights of villager enclosure, 100% of villagers "beamed" away leaving zero population in enclosure.

      Further observations. Ghost villager "talking" continues as the villager profession noise also continue although all the villagers were gone, linking effects continued over the beds, professions and golden bell. The iron farm mechanics continued to spawn golems even though there is a zero villager population. Cats also continue to spawn.

      I can't reproduce this this bug because the villagers go to sleep before the player does and the word is completely void of villagers to breed up at this time. I do have a recording of the iron farm working, villager and profession sounds happening sans villager population. 

      Thank you for your time.






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