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My stuff went missing after Update!


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      Hi, I hope Everyone is doing well. I want to report this annoying bug since it happen to me I guess. Today when I was updating my minecraft Bedrock to the latest Version. As soon as I open up Chest to check my what I have and what I need and i Notice some of my stuff went missing!

      I can't Describe this bug how that happen but I do feel like it happen when I Updated my minecraft Bedrock to


      The items that went missing with few details to explain every up.


      1. In saddle chest I had Horse Armor But it gone randomly
      2. The Farming Chest got Completely Empty.
      3. I Collected 3 Golden apples, 3 enchanting books got missing in Treasury chest.


      Those were the items I Remember being there in chests. I really hope you guys fix this bug. I'm giving you Screenshots as a Example. 


      Note: why am I playing on Beta?

      Because if I Switch to 1.16.40 Version, whenever I log into my Xbox account. Minecraft Immediately crash on me. I Believe this has been patch in the beta Version.

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