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I can't see my friends online,the server keep saying coming soon, and it just keep saying cannot join realms now,try again later.And most importantly, I can't import skin cause this bug happened



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.16.40 Hotfix
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      So this is my first time posting this thread here,cause have a huge problem about the multiplayer section of the game
      I forget when this happen, I think is after my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2017 have a new version update or after the new minecraft update.My minecraft is normal like usual but after I wanted to add my friends gamertag it shown is not found,but I clearly type it right.Like example his username just 123 and it shown gametag not found.
      So I searched a lot of thread but still ,is not working.Soon I found out that the server say coming soon..The marketplace usually have a animation on it and now is grey....the shop section keep saying can't connect to server,try again later...Is really frustrating.
      But soon I found out that after reinstall minecraft and don't change the app storage location to external, I will remain work normally.
      I found out that finally i can play with my friends now,but i can't import skin to the game cause it will once again appear the same issue...
      So please the mighty mojangteam,fix this annoying issue (eventhough I think is my version or my sd card problem) because I'm not the only one that have this issue, my friends have that issue and he can't find a solution ypto it,so he quited...So please fix this wonderful game,is the game that have my childhood in and finally I have a change to play with my friends in a different wifi but it appears this annoying bug..
      Thank you for reading ,and thank you for letting this game alive for 10 years,I appreciate all of your help.




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