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Minecraft Launcher unable to connect to my internet



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      Whenever I try to log into my Java account it says "Sorry! Make sure you are online and try again". One thing to note about my internet situation is that I'm using a program/app called PdaNet, which allows me to connect my phone to my desktop for an internet connection. I had been using that for months before this problem started, so I'm not sure if it's strictly the reason for the launcher not recognizing that I do have an internet connection. This problem started when I tried to log onto a realm, it wouldn't connect so I thought it may be a good idea to log out and then log back in to try, then it gave the aforementioned message. All of the 'fixes' I've tried haven't worked. That includes changing the DNS Server, and deleting the 'Hosts' driver in system32>drivers>etc (not sure why that would fix the problem but it was worth a try). I have a strong feeling it's because I am not using ethernet or a wifi card/USB chip, I have yet to use a different method for getting internet so I can't be sure, but like I said, it worked fine before. Any help would be appreciated.


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