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Apple Screen Time only applies to the Launcher and not the Game itself


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    • 2.1.16102
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    • Apple 10.15.4 macOS Catalina
      Apple 10.15.6 macOS Catalina
      Apple 11.0 macOS Big Sur
      ElementaryOS 6.1
      Java 8/11
      All launcher versions
      Minecraft 1.13 and up
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      Hi everyone, I am inclined on closing this bug as 'Won't Fix'. This was never something that the Launcher was designed to respect, so technically this becomes a feature request and not a bug. With that said I believe this becomes a possibility once we go live with the account migration. You will be able to link a child Microsoft Account to a parent account, and be given parental controls to set Xbox permissions, including game time. I'll leave this bug open for now until we start rolling out migration.

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      Apple's screen time app that blocks the apps after an amount of time does not close or block Minecraft after the time runs out.  It acts in a similar way to any other program run through java, and opens a second window saying " You've reached your limit on Minecraft."  Blocking Java and Javaw has no effect.

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