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Launcher fails to detect internet connection



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    • 2.1.9616-2.1.9618
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    • Minecraft Launcher
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    • Windows 10 Home running on a high powered PC (it runs VR flight simulators (for example, XPlane 11 and DCS) with no problems.
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      I have been running Java edition at home on a couple of PCs which run on my home network. One in my office and the other in the family room. Only on one of the PCs at a time, of course. Until recently, this has been working fine, However, a week or two ago, on one of the PCs (family room PC which is a very capable machine), the Launcher fails and asks if I am connected to the internet. I have tried everything imaginable to correct this, including completely uninstalling and reinstalling Minecraft (doing which proves the PC IS connected to the internet) as well as restarting my router, Pc etc with no effect. I have tried reporting this and am doing so again in the hope that there is a solution. If not, I will likely not be interested in continuing to subscribe. I am not happy about that, as I think you have a wonderful program. Please help me get this corrected!


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