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I keep getting booted for lost connection



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      Hi there,

      I really like the game and I'm enjoying the new update.

      Since the update the other day I keep getting booted for lost connection and I'm sent back to the main menu. Almost every 90 mins or so.

      I'm hardwired into my router, and are having no problems elsewhere. I have exactly the same setup as I had before the update, where this never happened. 

      I've just been kicked from my second ancient hunt today, I was only a few blocks from the final exit, And there was no game to resume (even though I still had all 3 lives).

      If I'm on the first or second world of the hunt it will allow me to continue


      I have original Xbox one, with the new update.

      Hard wired into router (60 Down / 15 Up)






      Some suggestions to pass on to the right person. 

      Now that I'm saving all my drops to use as hunt access  I'm not really salvaging my stuff anymore. It's getting harder and harder to find my stuff to be able to change artefacts or weapons whilst I'm playing.

      Could we have our equipment page arranged in some way please? Preferably a button that can swap between two arrangements (All objects in descending order) & (grouping similar objects together, again in descending order)



      A separate storage unit in the village would be handy perhaps? 


      The ability to re-roll enchantments would be good way to spend excess currency


      Thanks in advance




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