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Randomly losing connection and being sent to Main Menu on Xbox consoles


    • Xbox One
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      For the time being, the best way to avoid the issue is to play in "Offline Game" mode.

      I am playing online with my friend, he owns all the DLC and hosts, I own all dlc except the two newest ones. We've been playing and expriencing the issue on these maps and also in the ancient hunt.

      The issue is that randomly while playing, the game will either: boot me to the main menu or boot my friend to the main menu and crash my game. My nat type is open and it's not mine or my friends internet having an issue. Also to be more specfic when it happens all I see is "Traveling to main menu". Edit: its also starting saying I'm no longer connected to the internet even though I am.

      I have no idea how to replicate this bug as it happens randomly.

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