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PS4 Local Multi Player Broken...



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      I'm sure it will be lumped in with the others and quickly marked resolved, but I made an account to explain how you just ruined my family's favorite game. We had every expansion and MC game available on PS4 but I will not buy another until this is fixed.


      Several issues, affecting each account slightly different. There are 4 local accounts, numbered accordingly. Account 1 is the only only one with PS Plus, and the only one that has ever been online.

      Account 1 - Can create a local game, and every other account can join, but they cannot use any of their characters. Only new characters or characters associated with Account 1.

      Account 2 - Was the most used, with 3 high level characters. If this account creates the game, no other player can join in. L3  option does not work either from the main menu, or in game camp. No possible option to play multiplayer.

      Accounts 3 and 4 - Can host games, AND others can join using L3 at anytime, but only with characters created on accounts 1, 3, and 4.

      I know this sounds retarded, and that is because it is. In summary, Account 2 has never been online, but it is our most used. It has 3 characters used by my 3 children as it is always the host account. The 4th character we use is on Account 1. Yet for some reason, Account 2 seems to be locked. Characters created by Account 2 can only be used by Account 2, and it cannot host a local game. 

      Both the system AND game are up to date, ran the most recent update today and tried again. Still no change.


      I am glad to see you want people to by another expansion without actually fixing the game. VERY disappointing. Hopefully when the kids open Christmas presents, they forget about the garbage that this game has become. 


      PLEASE OFFER A ROLLBACK FOR THOSE THAT WANT THE GAME AS IT WAS. Keep your stupid cross platform, just give us back working local play.




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