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Strange server-side/client-side bug 1.9 realms


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      I was making a realms server, and I discovered a very weird bug with my friend. We were working on a way to make a glass players could walk through. We used 2 simple commands:

      execute @a ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ ~0.5 stained_glass 0 /tp @p ~ ~ ~0.01
      execute @a ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ ~-0.5 stained_glass 0 /tp @p ~ ~ ~-0.01

      this basically teleports the player into the block if they are near it, allowing them to walk through it. Now we were testing it and we noticed when you get teleported into the block, and then you walk out, you are still in the block on server side. I may not have this right, but any other players on the realm see you as in the block, but you can walk around freely. When you run the players see particles under your feet. Also, you can't place blocks, or access command blocks. I have a video showing this here:


      In the video you can clearly see that when I enter the glass I can't place blocks or open the command blocks. You can also see what it looks like to see another player in the glass.

      As far as I can tell this only happens in realms. Sorry I could not upload the video to this thread, as it was too large.

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