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Catching on fire with elytra equipped launches you insanely high



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    • Minecraft 15w44b
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    • Windows 7. Java v8u31
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      What I did:
      1. Caught on fire (by lava for long lasting)
      2. teleported myself out of fire onto solid ground
      3. jumped

      What happened
      For each tick of damage I was flung hundreds of meters into the sky. Elytra didn't even deploy according to model. It seemed like I was still standing. In a server, sometimes server kicked me for flight as it was disabled in server.properties

      I believe the problem is how damage from fire is handled. It seems it was made so you don't get flung into the air like you do from a projectile or direct attack, but instead is flung downwards as seen when you try to jump a ledge on fire and it damages you in mid air. this might very well be the cause of the error.

      This is not a duplicate of MC-90549 as it refers to expected jump when damaged by a projectile or direct attack. this issue literally means you get shot up hundreds of blocks in just a second or two. With fire from lava that lasts longer, you can almost expect to reach 1000 meters high.


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