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All command blocks DO NOT respond to redstone blocks when placed w/ custom tag


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    • Minecraft 15w43c
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    • Windows 10, Java 8u25
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      When I was trying to use the repeating command block, it wouldn't respond to redstone input and wouldn't run command.

      Command Used:

      /blockdata ~ ~-1 ~ {SpawnCount:10,SpawnRange:7,RequiredPlayerRange:32,MaxNearbyEntities:16,Delay:1,MinSpawnDelay:5,MaxSpawnDelay:10,SpawnData:{id:"Skeleton"}}

      Get Mob Spawner:

      give @p mob_spawner

      Get Command Block:

      give @p command_block

      (repeating_command_block if you want.)

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Pace down the pig spawner(It turns into a pig spawner on placement, not a bug.)
      2. Place a command block somewhere else and put in command at top.
      Be sure to make sure the third button is Needs Redstone, else the command will fire 1 or 20 times a second(prepending on which command block you chose.)
      Ctrl+Pick Block it.
      3. Put 2 redstone blocks above the spawner.
      4. Take out the first redstone block above the spawner then replace it with the command block.

      Expected: Command to fire.

      Happened: Did nothing on placement other then add the NBT.

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