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Horses fail to tame or throw off. /Summoned tame horses do not move under player


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    • Minecraft 15w43c
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    • Mac OSX El Capitan, Minecraft Launcher 1.0.1, Java 1.6.44
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    • Survival

      All Trials: Single Player Survival & Creative
      All Trials: Donkey & Horse
      Trial 1. Player riding an untamed horse
      Trial 2. Riding a tamed horse with saddle
      (Note: Tamed horse was only available by /summon in Trial 2)

      Expected Outcomes:
      1. Horse will buck player off and/or will tame
      2. Horse will respond to directional keys in the same manner as a player walking.

      Actual Outcomes:
      1. Horse does not tame after +5 minutes. Horse bucks but player is not dislodged. Horse may move slightly more erratically than when unridden. Horse bucks =/< than frequency of an unridden horse.
      2. Horse is unresponsive and remains immobile.
      All Outcomes: Horse & Donkey inventory GUI behaves as expected.

      Additional information:
      Identical trials repeated twice with same outcomes.

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