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Modes of transportation are broken


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    • Minecraft 15w43a
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    • Windows 8, current Java version
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      Horses, mine carts, and riding pigs do not respond to player input.

      When ridden, untamed horses wander indefinitely, and will never buck the player off OR become tame. Tame horses with saddles will stay inert, unable to move. When attempting to jump, the bar fills as normal, but the horse goes nowhere. However, the jumping animation is still executed.

      Players are unable to influence mine carts while riding them. When pushing in a direction at rest, the mine cart stays at rest. If the mine cart is moving when a player hops in, the mine cart will continue to move as if they weren't there. If you want to go anywhere via mine cart, you must push the mine cart and hope you click fast enough to get in.

      When pigs are ridden without a carrot on a stick, they will wander as normal. However, when the carrot is used, the pig will not move anywhere or even try to face it.

      Everything else about these entities are working fine. It's when the player tries to control them is where the issue is. If any additional information or pictures are needed, I will be happy to provide them.

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