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The horse can't be tamed


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    • Minecraft 15w42a
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    • Java Version 8 Update 60 (build 1.8.0_60-b27)
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      It is not possible to control tamed horses anymore even with a saddle. It seemed to work in 40b. It also appears impossible to tame a horse, it will run around but never throw you off and will never be tamed.
      Reproduce controlling:
      Load map from 40b.
      Find tamed horse with saddle.
      Can't control it, it won't move.
      (optional) remove saddle, add it back. Still won't move.
      Reproduce taming:
      Spawn horse with mob-egg.
      Jump on it.
      It will not be tamed and you won't get thrown off. It will still run around like when you jump on an untamed horse in previous editions.

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