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Can't tame horses in 15w41b


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    • Minecraft 15w41b
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    • Windows 10 OS, Windows 7 Minecraft Edition
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      Put the summary of the bug you're having here

      So, I was playing with a freind on a private 15w41b snapshot server that I had created and had ventured on a journey for some coco beans.

      At this point I see some horses that I thought would be nice to travel with and get on one that I like the looks of.

      After 5 minuets of sitting, the horse was still not tamed. It didn't even buck me off. It just went around doing its usual business. I had a saddle with me and had tried to put it on the horse over time but it never let me do it. The hearts never appeared or anything. I went into creative and tried spawning new horses in and taming them and feeding the fully grown horses but none of it seemed to work.

      At this point I thought it was server side so I went into a single player world and tried it out but the out come was the same.

      That is all that I can think of to do, but if you have any more input you need me to provide, I'll happily oblige.

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