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Redstonetorch does not activate when given a 2 tick pulse



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      I placed a redstonetorch on the side of a powered block (which creates a 1-tick pulse) and I expected both redstonetorches on the top to give a pulse
      But instead only 1 of the redstonetorches gave a signal. (2 redstoneticks) The other torch did not give a pulse.

      How to reproduce:
      1. Build the setup from the picture.
      2. Make sure that the lever is activated
      3. Place the redstonetorch I am pointing at in the picture at the side of the block with the lever.
      4. Notice that only 1 of the torches gives a signal.

      Making redstonetorches so that
      a 1 tick pulse will output a 1 tick pulse
      a 2 tick pulse will output a 2 tick pulse
      a 3 tick pulse will output a 3 tick pulse


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